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Roof Cleaning New asphalt shingles typically start showing stains within 8 to 10 years. Especially in these parts of North Carolina. Untreated roof stains can eventually grow into bigger problems damaging your roof, reducing its life span, and making your home less energy efficient. We can remove those ugly roof stains safely without the use of a pressure washer. Cleaning your roof will dramatically improve its appearance! Analysis We will evaluate your roof, assess its condition, and give you an estimate. The Game Plan Our roof cleaning solution will vary in strength depending on the severity of the stains. Because of the high concentration of chlorine bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite), vegetation around the house needs to be protected from run off of the cleaner. We will take the time to drape a plastic barrier over any vegetation that could be affected. We will also recapture solution running through the downspouts (If you have gutters.) The process of cleaning the roof requires rinsing everything on and around the house. Weather conditions that may delay roof stain removal include rain in the forecast the day of or the day after, windy conditions, and freezing temperatures. The Process A light application of our solution is applied to the entire, dry roof using less than 70 psi. We do not rinse the solution off. It takes 24-48 hours for the chlorine bleach to completely dissipate. Although the ugly roof stains will start to disappear in just a few minutes, the cleaning solution will continue to eradicate the stains deep within the shingles. 2 Year Roof Stain Removal Guarantee If any black roof stains reappear within 2 years of treatment we will return and retreat these areas free of charge! For more information about the causes and approved method of cleaning and care.
Please read this article from The Asphalt Roofing Association.




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